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Job Accelerator Video Program Launch

Years in the making, we are super excited to announce the launch of the self-paced 10 step video Job Accelerator Program.

Aimed at exiting Defence members, and those struggling to find employment after their Defence career, it covers everything from:

  • Creating a plan to move forward, by defining your new Career Direction;
  • Using a professional CV (because only 20% of all job applications are actually read);
  • Where and how the jobs are advertised;
  • What it takes to win a Government job;
  • Understanding the Employer’s perspective and how to use this to your advantage;
  • Military cultural fit in a commercial environment (because Two thirds of employers make their hiring decision based on cultural fit over qualifications);
  • Like in battle, preparation = success (because only an ex-Defence person understands how to help a Defence person in preparing for interview success)
  • The importance of choosing and using good referees;
  • When and how to reveal negatives in your career;
  • Negotiating your salary and understanding the job offer.

This is three hours of jam-packed, no nonsense information, plus each step is backed up by a resource document that expands on what is spoken in the videos.

Access this entire program, or purchase these videos separately by visiting this page.

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