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We have been where you are now and know what you're going through.  We know that Defence has taught you to focus on your operational role and leave the back-end support elements to Defence to look after for you.  This is a 'LEARNED HELPLESSNESS' which then becomes your Achilles Heel in the transition process.  Because suddenly, there is no support anymore.  You have to do everything yourself.  And so...

Trans-Civ (Transition to Civilian)

Was born in 2004 from three ex-Defence people who experienced the challenges faced in both the method and marketing of an individual with a Defence background to anyone outside Defence circles.   We wanted to help others to take advantage of their fantastic Defence experience.  We wanted to give something back to Defence (in thanks to the great career it gave us).  But not where it could be lost in bureaucracy, but where it will be recognised as true value - to its members.

Our military to civilian understanding came from each of us changing jobs in the first few years after our 15+ year military service.  We each tried to find where we best suited the civilian market place and yet still have that same level of job satisfaction.  Prior to Trans-Civ, we helped a group of ex-Defence people with a technical background to find new jobs after our Defence contract (rollout of the Defence Restricted Network) ended.  Putting our heads together, we used this as the basis to develop Trans-Civ specifically to help Defence people transition properly into a new civilian career.

Helping our mates

We saw too many of our mates end up in jobs far below their true market value.  The more people we helped, the more passionate we became about assisting Defence members to move into an exciting new career.  Many years of learning what employers wanted in job applications and in the skills they were after, have helped shape our services.  These services are now seen as the benchmark in this industry.

The Team

The Trans-Civ staff have been carefully selected for their diversity in experience, as both job seekers and also as industry HR/recruitment staff.  Combined we have three ex-business owners who have hired and fired staff, we have staff who have worked in Recruitment Agencies in various sectors (including the Resources Sector), been on APS selection committee panels, we have ambitious businessmen and women, we have military spouses and we have working Mums.

We have a good mix of both personal experience and professional qualifications and expertise in assisting job applicants at the executive, middle management and blue collar levels.

The common factors our staff have include:

  • The ability to relate to people of all demographics.
  • Everyone is on the same bus, when it comes to quality of service delivered (ie, under-sell and over-deliver).
  • Everyone genuinely wants to help other people.


With this diverse range of experience, we have proven to successfully assist every single person who has approached us (in varying degrees).

We love what we do, and what we do works.  We recommend you start with our Job Accelerator Program. This will assist you in becoming 'commercial ready'.  Then we can look at developing a great CV and help to promote yourself to employers and apply for suitable jobs.

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