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The concept of Trans-Civ (Transition to Civilian) was born in 2004 from three ex-Defence people who understood the challenges faced in both the method and marketing of someone with a Defence background to anyone outside Defence circles.   We wanted to help others to take advantage of their Defence experience.  We wanted to give something back to Defence, in thanks to the great career it gave us.  Not where it could be lost in bureaucracy, but where it will be recognised as true value - to its members.

Our military to civilian understanding came from each of us changing jobs in the first few years after our military service (trying to find where we were best suited in the civilian market place and yet still have that same level of job satisfaction, while keeping an open mind about how to apply learnt military skills to a new field).  Prior to Trans-Civ, we helped a group of ex-Defence people with an IT background to find new jobs after our Defence contract (rollout of the Defence Restricted Network) ended.  Putting our heads together, we used this as the basis to develop this company specifically to help Defence people transition into a civilian career.

The more people we helped, the more passionate we became about assisting those people who needed our help.  Many years of learning what employers wanted in job applications and in the skills they were after, have helped shape our services, which are now highly sought after.

We are proud to have achieved our initial vision of being the preferred provider of Career Transition services to the Australian Defence community.

Achievements to date include:

  • Major Partner in the EDit! Group
  • Major partner in the "Securing Our Veterans' Future" initiative
  • Approved DVA Provider through Workcom
  • Approved Career Transition Provider to VIC and NSW RSL
  • Assisted over 10000 exiting ADF military members to date
  • Assisted the NZDF to develop their Defence Transition service
  • All staff have a close affiliation to Defence members
  • Maintain a 96% customer satisfaction rating across all services


Paul Smith

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