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Quick, Excellent service, Trans-Civ really understand Defence people.

Grant F

Your training really paid off to help secure my job here at DFRC Parramatta.

Mark A

The training and CV where very good, because I have got the job that I wanted.

Daniel C

The professional side was of a high standard and the training I received was to the point.

Tim R

Trans-Civ have the knowledge and resources, everything was handled and presented very professionally.

Darren T

The interview training and discussion about translatable skills were great confidence builders.

Andreas K

The help I got was great and Julie was fantastic.  Yes I won a job as an APS 3 at Newcastle.

Melissa D

I found the training practical, informed and ultimately it has directly assisted me to score two jobs within the last 12 months.

Brian E

The service was fantastic my only wish is that there was more in the way of industry contacts and possible employment prospects be improved. 

Lucas M

The Interview training was great and I would recommend it to anyone looking at changing careers or rejoining the workforce.

Jason M

The training moved at my pace and gave me the confidence to go into interviews with the Public Service believing I could deal with the questioning I would face.

Janine C

You have really opened my eyes to what the civilian market place is all about. Such a comprehensive program that is perfect for ADF people. A great service, thanks.

Brian B

Your services helped me attain employment on my first go, and your staff were extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. By the way I still have that job and am still enjoying myself.

Greg C

I think one of the best parts of the career coaching was the sample questions Wayne had me fill out. Previous to this I had never really thought about the questions that may be asked in an interview so it was a great learning experience. 

Thomas W

The support and information that I was provided by the staff at Trans-Civ was second to none. The relevance and current training provided has made me more confident and knowledgeable in searching and applying for future job positions. 

Lee V

All the information and training was spot on for a person who has not been in the real world for over twenty years. I found employment by approaching prospective employers and providing them with my CV and gained permanent/part-time employment immediately. 

Justin K

After discharge from the Defence Force I had applied for several jobs (about 10) with the Trans-Civ CV. From this I received two replies, on both occasions I was offered an interview and due to the coaching I received, was successful with both offering me employment.

William H

I wish to inform you that I have just accepted a position from a non-defence company in Sydney and will no longer require the excellent service you have provided me in the last year. Your services do have a lot to offer for ex-military people like myself and is a great value to us, again I thank you for your efforts.

Paul N

Your service was delivered very professionally. I'm very grateful for the time and effort you all put in to help me understand what I had to do to win the job I wanted It was uncanny how close your interview training was, which made it relatively easy to get the job. Thank you

Kathy C

After a 24 year plus career, I ventured into the world post ADF. I tried another ex Defence employment agency with all the promises, bells and whistles, but it was the team from Trans-Civ that delivered ! I got the job I wanted after the first interview. Trans-Civ opened the doors and delivered on the ways and means of landing a well paying job in a competitive world, true to their word. Very many thanks

Michael P

I am very happy with the CV that was provided to me, and I think it will give me a great chance of getting out of the Navy and starting a new career (as scary as it is!). I also found the interview coaching provided by Ross to be hugely beneficial. He took me out of my comfort zone and made me think about how to address interviews correctly, and to think more about the questions that will be asked of me. I've found all the staff at Trans-Civ to be highly professional and I have enjoyed my interaction with the company and I value your services. 

Lauren G

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and the Trans-Civ team for all your assistance with my job application. Of the 267 applicants I managed to win the job and they were so impressed with the Resume and Criteria that they have asked to keep a copy as a reference to what it should look like. I cannot thank Trans-Civ enough and I have handed out as many business cards on your behalf as I can.  Thank you again.

Jack H

I would firstly like to thank you for all you help advice and the resume that Trans-Civ had written out as I was successful in the interview for customs and I have been employed with customs since Oct 2012. Trans-Civ helped me in achieving my goal of being employed away from defence.  Again I thank you for your company's help and helping me become successful in getting the job. 

James W-M

All the information and training was spot on for a person who has not been in the real world for over twenty years. I found employment by approaching prospective employers and providing them with my CV and gained permanent/part-time employment From start to finish the experience was fantastic. Resume fantastic, mock interview training and preparation was such a great help for me as the Navy has been my only job and I had previously little if any exposure to this. I had two interviews a week ago and went into them with confidence and came out feeling like they went really well.  . 

Michael S

I would absolutely encourage anyone (regardless of rank, service or experience) who is thinking about leaving Defence to use your excellent services - especially the interview training sessions.  The training was excellent, I felt better prepared and nothing came as a surprise during the interview and selection process. The training allowed me to relax, focus on the task and respond accordingly to questions.  Being aware of what is expected outside of the Defence environment is a real advantage, the Trans-Civ services and training made a real difference and gave me the edge over the other applicants.

Phil D

Just thought I'd let you know, after my first interview I was offered a job. I had another interview while waiting for the first offer and was offered a job with the second one as well. So, I was in the fortunate position of having to choose.   As well as the first two, I am still in the assessment phase with another company. I have done two rounds of testing and awaiting the next. I could be shortlisted for up to a year for that job so it may be worthwhile later. You never know.  Your coaching program does work. Thanks for all your help

Matthew N

Great news - had approval from the delegate and start the new APS position Monday 07 Feb 11; negotiated a mid pay-band start as well. Ross, your last phone-call going through the interview questions was invaluable on-top of all the CV/SC support. I Have dealt with Trans-Civ Team twice now since leaving the Navy with outstanding results both times and will certainly be recommending you to those who are job hunting - thank you all!

Warren N

I would recommend Paul and his team to not only family members but anyone looking to increase their chances of gaining employment.  Their continuous ongoing CV updates that are prompt and delivered with the utmost professionalism. The interview training gave me increased confidence and I still use aspects of it within my job when talking to my employer. After I gained employment the team at Trans-Civ still keep in touch with how I am going and are always there for advice or further development. Their customer focus is second to none and stands apart from any other employment agency that I have ever used.

Shaun H

I left Army in 2007 and joined a Defence industry org.  It was quite comfortable and I thought I’d made the transition to civvy life pretty well.  After a redundancy in 2013 left me looking for new work, I started to apply for other jobs.  I thought with a Masters Degree in IT and a number of Diplomas, I’d be certain to get an interview.  30 applications later, not one interview.  I was even contemplating doing a driving job. So I engaged Trans-Civ to help write my CV and with interview training.  I had no idea how off the mark I was.  Two applications, two interviews and I now love the job I’m in.  Everyone should use Trans-Civ for a career change.

Jeff M

After 24 years with the RAN, I was ready to make the transition to civilian life. I knew that there was much to learn about making this transition smoothly and successfully.  The service provided by Trans-Civ was all-encompassing.  Trans-Civ provided more than just the basic skills necessary to survive in what is the cut-throat environment of the civilian job market; they took me out of my comfort zone and prepared me for a variety of situations in preparing to enter the civilian workforce.  This included job interview skills and circulation of my Trans-Civ developed CV to select companies; which resulted in a number of employment opportunities.

Peter K-A

The Trans-Civ staff understand Defence and the transition process having undertaken it yourself, I have had nothing but positive feedback about the high standard of my CV when applying for positions in the Oil and Gas Industry, Love the concept of future updates to my CV by Trans-Civ staff to reflect future job roles. Career Coaching was amazing and made me appreciate the value and importance of the skills learnt and honed in preparation for job interviews (and very positive feedback received about how this translated to my first interview). The way the Trans-Civ team engage personally with clients (I felt at all times that Trans-Civ staff were there for me in preparing to win a future career role and not just a number to add to the company's book).

Dave P

My dealings with Trans-Civ have been absolutely professional, insightful and very helpful. The interview training I have received from Paul showed that I was still very "Army" when referring to what I had achieved in my career.  My references to postings, subject courses and promotion courses being now referred to job relocations, trade professional development courses etc has now changed the way discuss employment.  I am not perfect with it - Yet!, but I'm well on my way.  Kristie's work on my CV was excellent.   I am very happy with the end product.  My dealings with Ross and Karen over the phone were great. They were extremely understanding and worked with my timeline. I have been recommending Trans-Civ to all my friends who are thinking about discharging and will be happy to do so in the future. 

Phil S

Your service knowledge and experience allowed me to gain more from the training than I feel I would have otherwise. Specifically the understanding within the Trans-Civ group that ex-members haven’t left a “job” but a “lifestyle” was really reassuring for me in a particularly difficult and emotional transition from the army. Further to this the collective service experience within Trans-Civ meant that Wayne (and I’m sure all the other staff) could identify qualities and instances that I perceived as “just doing my job” as “going above and beyond” in a civilian work place.  Rather than identifying all the benefits of the training, as I am sure you are well aware of the positive outcomes your clients experience, the other thing I would like the mention was the exceptional support and understanding I received from Wayne throughout my transition process. During a time when I was facing a whole lot of changes and dealing with a medical discharge from defence the “extra mile” that Wayne and yourself put in. 

Michaela G

Before we started this training I thought I had the confidence and ability to walk into a job interview and perform well. This is what I thought anyway. But over the last few weeks I quickly realised how wrong I was.  Trans-Civ deliver an excellent training package that not only prepares you for the outside market, but it also grooms you for a reality check. This is a problem for all ADF members that are searching for external careers and we often under sell ourselves. Your training provided me with a reality check, confidence, relevance, professionalism and valuable insight into the public sector and recruiting strategies. Even at this early stage of my training I feel that I have vast potential to begin my journey for a new and exciting career.  In summary, my feedback to Trans-Civ is highly positive with no complaints at all. You are all professional, passionate, enthusiastic and you all care for the well being of all ADF members, their spouses and or families. Without your training I believe that I would have underestimated the difficulty for looking for careers after the ADF.

Mark F

I would like to thank TRANS-CIV for all the assistance provided to me in preparing for the transition from a defence to a civilian career.  Especially Paul and Tamara for all the advice, training and interview skills, Kristie for constructing an extremely impressive CV also Ross and Karen for their valuable support.  My initial thoughts on what I had achieved in 18 years RAN service was that there were a lot of "jobs that I just did" but after my CV was completed I was surprised to see these things as major achievements that are not to be taken lightly.   My first attempt at a mock interview left a lot to be desired! I realise now I was not prepared. However now after completing the Career Transition Management Coaching (CTMC) Program I am confident that whatever position/job I apply for I will be able to influence the interview and be successful in winning it.  Thank you all very much and when I have the position I want I'll be in touch.  I will be definitely referring your services to all my Defence mates and colleagues who are looking at discharge.

Brenton B

After serving in the Australian Army for eight years, I found myself in the unfortunate position of requiring surgery and facing medical discharge. On the advice of a friend, I decided to contact Ross Perriman and the Trans Civ team for assistance.  To my surprise, the process started almost immediately and within a few weeks I had a fantastic resume to submit to potential employers. Ross assisted me with the entire transition, which was not easy due to my recent surgery. He explained to me exactly what to say and what not to say to potential employers and even flew to Darwin conduct face to face interview coaching with me. Within a few months I had multiple interviews set up and, after further coaching from Ross, had landed a fantastic job in a very tight profession. I can now happily call myself a practicing geotechnical engineer and have only Ross and the Trans Civ team to thank. My civilian engineering friends were astounded that I found a job in this profession so fast. While the medical discharge process was daunting and sad at the time, I am now happier in my current job than I ever was in my previous. If finding the job wasn’t enough, Ross even contacts me from time to time to see how I am going and offer me further assistance in the form of resume updates and career coaching. If you are transitioning from defence, be it for medical reasons or not, I would definitely recommend you contact the team at Trans Civ.

Rachael P

I am writing to commend the services of Trans-Civ. I recently found myself facing an unexpected redundancy and needing to re-evaluate my career. Trans-Civ’s helpful advice and personal guidance was exceptional and resulted in me securing an ideal position for my skills and experience that far exceeded my wildest hopes.  Trans-Civ’s interview preparation was ideal and specifically tailored to my needs. It had been well over 25 years since my last job interview and to say that I needed a brush up on my skills was an enormous understatement. Paul provided a comprehensive list of likely interview questions that gave me the opportunity to prepare and practice my answers beforehand, meaning that the interview itself was a breeze as I simply recalled my key points and was able to speak confidently and with passion about my skills and previous experience.  I thoroughly recommend spending the time to read through the material that is provided as part of their service. The information pack covered all aspects of the job search process, from CV writing, to guidance on addressing Key Selection Criteria, interview preparation, and even advice on evaluating each job to check that it is right for you before investing time and effort into preparing a professional application.  Paul also provided excellent personal advice for me in my specific situation, guiding me in how to best present my skills and experience in a light that would appeal to the kind of employers that I was targeting.   If you are considering a career change, or simply want to refresh your interview and CV writing skills, I thoroughly recommend Trans-Civ as the people to use. Thank you for guiding me through the maze and helping to secure a great future for me and my family.

Brett K

Just a quick email to express my sincere thanks to you and the team at Trans-Civ.  As you can see from my signature block below I am now well established into my new job, albeit today is the start of my third week.  The company is a real welcome from the ADF.  You might be glad to know that when I sat the interview for this job I also sat an interview with another company as well.  After a lot of backwards and forwards they also offered me the job, so two interviews, two offers.  I eventually chose Downer because of the security and the self development potential.  I only tell you this, not to boast but to once again say thank you for all that you provided.  I played the interviews by your rules and read all the material you sent me which enabled me to deal with the difficult matters of negotiating better deals.  This was essential as having served 30 years in the Defence Force (UK & Australia); I had never sat a formal interview for a job. All the advice and materials you provided were very pertinent and current to the job seeking market of today. The individual sessions we had were of particular use, they really exposed my weaknesses and made it clear to me my expectations of interviews were way out of date.  It is worth mentioning, whilst I did not take it too seriously at the time for fear of getting my hopes up, that at both interviews, the interviewees commented on how well I was prepared and how very well structured my preparation was - this stands testament to the advice and teachings you provided me, as I played the interviews straight from your book, so to speak.  I have no hesitation in strongly recommending you to any Service leaver, your assistance made all the difference, please forward me some advertising material so I can pass onto personnel in the same position as myself, and the Transition staff up here in Darwin.  All in all a first class service provided by people who care.  Many thanks my friend from a very happy veteran! Best regards

Kerry C

I have had about a month in the new job and thought it was time to give credit where it is due.  Being proactive and having spent 40 years in the military I decided to prepare for transition on compulsory retirement. I DID NOT want to retire as I believe I had plenty left to offer so I went though transition cell and applied for CTAS. Now for those who don’t believe in fairies, I was having coffee with the wife and ran into an old mate “Wayne Smith” who is seriously overloaded with enthusiasm for his job. By the time we left the shop my wife was badgering me to contact Trans-Civ and Wayne.  I made the call. Remember, I had 18 months left to serve. Plenty of time to leisurely examine and do the process. Wayne and the team went to work for me. (And I do mean for me) After the initial meeting Wayne advised me to make a practice call to identify position requirements, key indicators and other nuisance civilian drivel that apparently was important. I identified a job position that had closed and rang the POC and asked about twenty odd questions on the company and position. At the end of the call the POC asked me to send in my resume and write an application letter, they would give me till the following Friday (even though the position had closed) I rang Wayne in a blind panic and the team went into overdrive. Firstly –Kristy – The legend that is this team member cannot be praised enough. She contacted me and asked for specific information on my employment history and skills. I sent her the bare minimum and had no idea what my civilian skill sets were. By Friday I had a resume that I could own with confidence as it reflected my experience and articulated skills that I could readily identify with. I also drafted and she tweaked the application letter. I submitted both on time due to Trans-Civ’s proactive management group. I received a call the following Monday for an interview on Wednesday. Panic set in yet again – frantic call to Wayne – He set aside a interview schedule and we did a practice interview – it felt real and I had to explain myself clearly. Wayne gave constructive criticism and praise as appropriate. His parting words were “This is your Alpha job and you own it”. I attended the interview and 4 days later the phone call that changed my career path.  I have been here for a month now having completely transitioned painlessly from Defence to the civilian world; I have had genuine follow up from Wayne AFTER the CTAS expired which proved that the Trans-Civ meant it when they said they will support me now and in the future. I just finished a coffee with Wayne and he is still annoyingly positive about all things in life and Trans-Civ.  My plan was tentative, my goals timid. Trans-Civ and the team made me take control and take ownership. The results speak for themselves.  If you are considering retirement, a career transition, or just want to test the waters, I truly believe you are doing yourself a dis–service if you do not choose Trans-Civ to guide you.  

Peter C

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