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EDit (Ex-Defence Integration Team)

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What is the EDit Group?

EDit (Ex-Defence Integration Team) is a wholly owned Australian Not-For-Profit governing body established to provide a best-practice end to end transition solution for ex-Defence members.  Its three directors have a combined 35 years’ full time military service, plus 38 years’ operating in a commercial environment.

Combined, EDit has over 200 years’ experience serving in the military and over 100 years’ commercial experience. It is the combination of our military and commercial experience, and the genuine passion and dedication to provide job opportunities for ex-Defence members that makes it such a success.

EDit provides services to exiting and ex-Defence members and their families across all states in Australia, New Zealand (and soon to open in the UK and USA) to ensure they:

  • Define the new career path
  • Know their commercial value
  • Have a CV/Résumé that will be effective
  • Know how to communicate with civilian employers
  • Have the minimum qualifications to be competitive
  • Understand the expectations of the non-Defence workplace

Our Defence integration help may just be the one thing that launches your new future.

We ensure commercial organisations understand the positive benefits an ex-Defence member brings to their team. When they hire an ex-Defence member, they receive assistance in integrating them into their civilian team, to ensure cohesive operations from day one.  This will ensure that more Australian jobs are filled (with priority given to the Australian Skills Shortage vocations) by highly adaptive ex-Defence individuals and that the cultural divide between Defence and Commercial is greatly reduced, through education and awareness training.

The vision EDit set out to achieve has been to see more ex-Defence members in quality jobs and to break down the barriers to the commercial world through quality Defence integration and understanding the benefits ex-Defence members bring to their organisation.


Who can access services provided by the EDit Group?

Any serving or ex-Defence member seeking employment.  How?

Click the Green button below

Any organisation wishing to hire ex-Defence members.   How?

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How is the EDit Group funded?

Funding to assist ex-Defence members transition to a new career is through:

  • Proceeds from the sales of 3 Elements Coffee ( 3 Elements (Navy, Army, Air Force) is a new brand of coffee which has recently hit the streets.
  • Returned transition training funds from Trans-Civ (
  • Returned training funds from Milcom (
  • Returned recruitment fee commissions
  • Donations from Industry

How can you help the EDit Group cause?

  • Firstly, tell your friends that finally there is an entity providing quality services that makes a difference to Australia and the lives of our serving mates.
  • Secondly, buy 3 Elements coffee (it is really great coffee but the way) and tell anyone you know that sells coffee.

EDit!  provides exceptional value to all customers through global best-practice methodologies, ensuring growth through extraordinary results.  We have maintained our position in the market through implementing this strategy.   There is no better complete solution offered to provide such a highly needed service.

We work closely with organisations like Homes for Heroes, Veterans Care, Young Veterans, Soldier On and Mates4Mates to assist those members who have been wounded, injured or are ill as a result of the military service, as these organisations are set up to be the experts to assist this demographic of servicemen and women.

What Services are provided by the EDit Group? 

Our core services include:

  • Comprehensive screening of the member’s current situation and assessing their ‘Commercial Ready’ status
  • Translation of military skills, experience and qualifications into a CV and also through career transition training
  • Providing formal courses and certifications through appropriate Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).
  • Employment and recruitment services to commercial entities.
  • Education services to employers on integrating ex-Defence staff into a non-Defence workplace.

The EDit Group are also instrumental in providing educational life-skills training to indigenous youth, through the JUMMP Program (Junior Unemployed Military Mentoring Program), where appropriately skilled ex-Defence members train indigenous youth.  The six month program has been endorsed by the indigenous community and will run its first program in Townsville in XXX.

For more information about the EDit Group, Contact Us.

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