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Why Employ Ex-Defence Staff

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Military personnel are trained  professionals, disciplined to perform to the highest standards under significant stress and pressure.

Employing Defence staff in a commercial environment can greatly increase your productivity.  Typically they work hard until the job is completed without watching the clock - this is their norm. However as this is typically not the same in the commercial sector, an ex-Defence person can begin to show up his new workmates, by his/her enthusiasm to do a good job and prove themselves.  This is where our transition and workplace integration service really helps, because we understand transitioning Defence members.  

The military approaches promotion exactly the same way a commercial business does - to be promoted in the military you must up-skill, possess leadership qualities, build teams, manage budgets and deliver to deadlines. This is achieved through understanding responsibilities and acting them out, passing exams, meeting objectives and receiving recommendations from Line Managers.

Like commercial environments, not everybody wants to be a leader or manager, some people join the military because they just want to fix aircraft, be an electrician, look after transport logistics, work in warehouses, be a car mechanic or chef, steer a boat or fly a plane.

Many transferable skills are still maintained and job-specific industry courses are provided to individuals for this purpose, allowing them to be a subject matter expert in their field.

Every military member is taught equity and diversity and to understand other roles. They all have logistic skills and safety is paramount within the workplace. For example, handover logs are kept and the work area is cleaned ready for the next shift to take over (do these processes sound familiar?).

Approximately 5000 people exit the Australian Defence Force each year. They include engineers, project managers, technicians, trainers, administrators, IT managers, mechanics, fitters, drivers, chefs, nurses, pilots, operations managers, facilities managers and communications experts, just to name a few. Today's Defence use cutting edge technology to its very limits. However, industry attributes are not the only qualities that ex-Defence staff have to offer employers.

Ex-Defence people:

  • Possess unrivalled life experience and exemplary self discipline
  • Have proven themselves in arduous working conditions under highly stressful situations
  • Are extremely loyal and reliable
  • Take responsibility for their actions and generally get things right the first time.
  • Are quick to learn and adapt to new situations with ease
  • Are motivated problem solvers with an in-built 'can-do' attitude
  • Are adept at planning and organising, teamwork communication and man-management and leadership
  • Are Drug Free
  • Will have held an Australian government security clearance at some stage

Leadership Qualities

Leadership and management skills are highly regarded in the commercial sector across the globe. In fact, many of the leadership and management training techniques first used by Defence, have been adopted by civilian organisations for the on-going development of their staff.  Most Defence personnel are capable teachers, ranging from teaching basic theory to highly technical subjects.


As is part of the Defence life, personnel usually move job locations every three years or so, and are accustomed to quickly adapting to changes in their working patterns, teams and environment.

Safety First Consciousness

Because of the nature of their work, Defence personnel face daily dangers and safety hazards.  Almost everything taught in the military has a layer of safety built into it.  It is therefore second nature for Defence personnel to be safety conscious in all aspects of their work.  As a result, their zero tolerance for accidents is unparalleled.  They remain calm and courteous when under considerable provocation, which breeds self-discipline and a 'can-do' perseverance.

Courage and Loyalty

Integrity is part of everything that Defence people are. They develop not only physical courage, but more importantly moral courage, including loyalty to their employer and to other team members.


While all workers are given a brief as to their required tasks, there are many occasions in a service career when the Defence member has to use his or her own initiative, to achieve the result, even in extreme circumstances. This breeds the ability to complete goals, self-motivation and self-confidence.

As an employer, you can also take advantage of the EDit services (end-to-end career transition and recruitment solution) to maximise value for money for you, while you receive quality ex-Defence candidates who are fully 'Commercial Ready'.

EDit (Ex-Defence Integration Team) is a governing steering committee, established to oversee the quality of transition, training and recruitment services for ex-military members, to provide the highest calibre end to end transition service in Australia. This is achieved through a consortium of like-minded Outplacement specialists, RTO’s (Registered Training Organisations) and job placement agencies, working together to provide sustainable employment opportunities for ex-military personnel in the commercial workplace.

This program provides Military to Commercial transition awareness, and necessary industry training for exiting Defence members.  It also provides Commercial to Military training for commercial organisations to smoothly integrate individuals with a military background into a non-Defence work team.

This is achieved initially by our Job Accelerator Program for Job Seekers and our "Ship Shape" integration service for Employers.

We also provide a CV/Résumé development service to assist companies, by enhancing tender responses for work back into Defence.  We highlight and align your team's appropriate skills (using the correct Defence terminology) and demonstrate through quantifiable achievements how their experiences transfer to the proposed Defence work they will do as part of the bid/project.

For help in sourcing the right ex-Defence staff, call us on 1300 366 104, email or use the form below to receive a call back to discuss your needs in more detail and to receive a copy of our terms of business.

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