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Your military background is more valuable to the commercial sector than you think.  As job seekers, knowing how valuable it is and how to relate that to someone who doesn't understand the military way of life, is now your greatest challenge.

Before you visit our current job vacancies page for the latest open job opportunities, ensure the type of job you're trying to win is right for you - click the icons below to ensure you are fully 'Commercial Ready' to be competitive and avoid unnecessary disappointment.  Also read our article on Working with Recruitment Agencies.

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Integrating into a non-Defence workplace

As ex-Defence job seekers, your work ethics, professionalism and reliability are never in question, but what is in question is your ability to integrate into a non-Defence team, especially when your team mates:

  • Aren't trained the same as you,
  • Don't think outside the box like you, and
  • Attend work for different motivational reasons to you.

Understanding how to tell an employer the value you bring to their organisation, is your key to reducing job seeker frustration, lost opportunities, or feeling devalued in an underpaying job.

Competition for employment across private and public sectors is intensifying as the population ages and young and astute job seekers enter the job market. To address this challenge and ensure you are highly competitive, we have strengthened relations with hundreds of employers who appreciate the unique and diverse capabilities ex-Defence employees offer their workplace. This initiative ensures that you receive the respect and attention you deserve to find employment that suits your lifestyle, capabilities and aspirations.

Remember Trans-Civ are not generalist recruiters who deal with general public job seekers, rather we specialise in Australian Defence career transition and have both the Defence and commercial expertise to ensure you make the most of your experiences in your new career.

Job Seeking Facts

The numbers on the right represent facts that are not widely known when Defence members transition to a civilian career.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it also takes 3 months on average to change jobs once you start sending your CV/Resume to employers.

Our main point through this information is that it takes longer than we all think and it is more competitive than we all think.  Most ex-Defence members end up in a job reflecting far less than their true market value.  Good news - follow the guidance throughout this website to make your transition easier.

  • Job Applications NOT Read by Hiring Managers 80% 80%
  • Employers Choose Cultural Fit over Qualifications 67% 67%
  • Change jobs again 12 months after leaving Defence 85% 85%
  • Our Customer Satisfaction Rating 97% 97%

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