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A Cover Letter enhances and introduces the main document – your CV.  It should not be used as cover letter_16045a stand-alone document. Employers look for well-written, informative cover letters that demonstrate not only your attention to detail, but also how well suited you are to the role, which in-turn entices them to read your CV.

Using appropriate grammar and correct spelling tells the reader that you have invested the time and effort to make a positive impression.  Spelling errors and poor formatting on the other hand, signal that you have failed to take the time to make a good impression. Employers regard the cover letter as the best example of the applicant’s ability to express thoughts in writing. This is because very few job seekers make the effort to have their cover letter reviewed, but will have multiple reviews of their CV.

Mistakes Job Seekers make with their Cover Letter:

  • They use generic wording.
  • They get a quality Cover Letter written and use the same one for multiple applications.
  • They leave spelling and grammatical errors for the employer to see, which demonstrates a lack of attention to detail.
  • They target the Cover Letter to each job, thinking this will increase their chances. But they spend no time on targeting their CV.

We also assist with a Demilitarised CVLinked-In profiles, CV updates and Selection Criteria.

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