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Do you have a demilitarised CV?  As your CV is your marketing tool, it should be the best possible 2 Written Apps'First Impression' that you send a civilian employer. If your CV has military terms and acronyms, the impact you want in your CV will be lost in translation.  That's where we come in.

We look at all of your military experiences.  We show you the great things you have done in Defence (which you consider to be 'normal duties') that should be highlighted as achievements, in order to showcase your expertise in commercial terms.  This is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Only an ex-Defence person who also has commercial experience will understand what you have done and how to translate it into a well constructed and demilitarised CV.  This is what makes your best 'first Impression'.

Why this Demilitarised CV format?

Our CV format has been developed through regular feedback with a range of HR and Hiring Managers, (from Defence and non-Defence industries).  Through this, we ensure that your targeted and demilitarised CV produces results in this competitive job market.  Our CVs have been successful in helping people win jobs earning over $250k.  They work for all levels, across all industries, because they are targeted toward what the employer is specifically looking for.

The overview that your demilitarised CV give the employer, allows them to attribute a salary figure to what they think you are worth, based on what they have just read.  The better your demilitarised CV, the better starting salary you are negotiating from.

When you get it right and use it properly, your targeted, demilitarised CV will almost always get you an interview.

We also assist with Linked-In profiles, CV updates, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria.

Click the 'Get Started' button below to get your best 'First Impression Marketing Tool', that can add thousands to your starting salary.

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