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Selection Criteria

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For Australian Public Service jobs, typically you will be required to address specific selection criteria.  It may also be called a Suitability Statement.  Applicants are short-listed based on their ability to convince the selection panel they have the essential and desirable capabilities required to perform the role.  These capabilities will be articulated in the criteria.

The purpose of selection criteria is to allow the selection panel to shortlist applicants for interview.  Or in some cases, directly decide on the most suitable applicant without interviewing.  As with the CV, your goal is to present yourself as the most desirable employee, while conveying all relevant information clearly, and concisely.

Your written application must address the criteria to demonstrate specifically how your knowledge, skills and experience make you the superior job applicant.

All applicants must address selection criteria unless it is stated differently in the job advertisement or information pack.  Selection panels have the right to reject any applicants who have not sufficiently addressed the criteria. For government jobs, your selection criteria is the most important document in your application.

Statements should be brief and effective, while addressing all elements of each criterion to substantiate your claims. Writing out a list of what you have done, or what you know, is not sufficient.

They key to writing successful statements against selection criteria is evidence. Claims should be direct, and not include sweeping or broad statements, without appropriate corroboration. One of the most important things to remember is to detail delivery versus activity. Anyone can create a list of duties they perform, but the superior applicants will focus on how they have delivered outcomes to their organisation.

Selection Criteria Keys

  • Demonstrate your capability by providing evidence of how you meet the criteria.
  • Provide specific details.
  • Where possible, include an indicator of success or a result.

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