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Your written application is your very own marketing tool and also your very first impression with an employer.  It is critical that what you send them actually opens doors, not closes the door for you.  A targeted CV is the most effective 'first impression' you can use.

Your CV needs to be succinct, punchy and interesting to them.  This can be challenging for many job seekers.  Succinct is less about how long it is, and more about what is actually communicated.  Making it punchy requires creative word-smithing to hit the key words they are looking for.  Lastly, it needs to be interesting to them, and this area is where most people flunk, because they don't take the time and effort to create a targeted CV for the reader.

Lets Us Do It For You

That is where this service is perfect for you.  We will target your current CV for you.  We will make it succinct (but not too short), punchy (using the right key words) and interesting, so it is targeted toward the job you're trying to win.

If you're time-poor, or want to make sure you send the best version of you, click the 'Get Started' button below and we'll get the Targeted CV process underway.

Alternatively if you feel your current CV isn’t up to scratch we can create a new CV for you and then target it towards the role you are trying to win. Upon whereby you then get our guidance that shows you how to target this CV the next time you choose to apply for a role. Click this CV development link for information about starting a new demilitarised CV.  If you're not ex-military, click this link.

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