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This is where the rubber meets the road.  You have an opportunity to convince an employer you're the one they want.  Its such a good opportunity, you don't want to blow it at this point. That is where interview practice can make all the difference.

On average, we all have 3.4 blind spots that only others can see about us.  You don't want a blind spot to be the reason you weren't selected for the job.  This is where our Defence Transition Video Program really helps you.  The program, not only gives you great tools and advice, it equips you so that when you have a practice interview with a qualified Career Coach, you quickly identify the areas you need to work on to improve and win the job.

Career Coach

The Career Coach will help you identify areas to improve, that combined, will add thousands of dollars to your stating salary.  They will help you to:

  • Understand the employer's perspective on how they choose the right candidate.
  • Know what military cultural aspects that you unknowingly display to a civilian employer.
  • Promote yourself the best way for the job you want.
  • Prepare properly for any interview type.
  • Negotiate the best starting salary and review your offer.
  • Prepare, so you don't have mental blanks at the interview.
  • Point out the mixed messages your body language sends in relation to the words you say.
  • Make sure that what you wear to the interview is not only appropriate but also promoting.
  • Know what questions to ask the employer and in what order to ask them.
  • Make the most from your Referees.

We can also provide you with your unique Transferable Skills, that will highlight all your commercially sought after skills translated from your military career.

If you're already skilled at promoting yourself to employers, but would like to brush up on some finer techniques, then an Express Practice Interview might be all you need to successfully win the job you want.  To access a Practice Interview, Express Practice Interview, or chat with one of our qualified Career Coaches, click the 'Career Coach Contact' button below and we will contact you.

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