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Job Vacancies for ex-Defence August 2017

As the recruitment cycle begins to build up for the end of year rush, there are a few companies getting things in order for their intended growth.

Below are a sample of job vacancies across Australia.

Job Vacancies

The selection of current Job vacancies to highlight for this edition, seeking ex-Defence staff around the country include:

To view the full list of current vacancies, click this link Learn More

A CV that Works

Watch this 60 second video to know what makes a great CV/Resume.

For Defence Spouses

Defence Spouses now get a better deal in gaining new employment at each new posting. Please spread the word. Read More

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2 responses to “Job Vacancies for ex-Defence – August 2017”

  1. Chris bradley says:

    I am currently seeking new employment. I am currently in the defence force but wish to discharge and go and do a adult apprenticeship in the NT.
    I have completed 11 years in defence but wish to do something else. Thanks in advance.

    • Paul Smith says:

      Hi Chris, an adult apprenticeship is a great idea. We can link you to a Defence Apprenticeship scheme. What trade do you have in mind?

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