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Job Vacancies for ex-Defence September 2017

The demand for ex-Defence members is increasing, as seen by the number of new jobs on our website. As the recruitment cycle begins to build up for the end of year rush, there are more companies getting things in order for their intended growth.

Below is a sample of our job vacancies across Australia.

Pass this on to your ex-Defence mates.

Job Vacancies

The selection of current Job vacancies to highlight for this edition, seeking ex-Defence staff around the country include:

And this isn't all. To view the full list of current vacancies, click this link Read More

A CV that gets you through the Applicant Tracking System

Watch this 60 second video to know what gets your CV/Resume through the Applicant Tracking System.

What are the Highest Paying Jobs?

Ever wondered what roles attract the biggest salary? We’ve done a deep dive across a number of industries to uncover the latest salary trends including the top 5 highest paying jobs by industry and the average salary across all states. Follow the below link to learn more about each industry:.. Read More

For Defence Spouses

Defence Spouses now get a better deal in gaining new employment at each new posting. Please spread the word. Read More

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