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Job Vacancies for ex-Defence July 2018

Job Vacancies for ex-Defence - July 2018

This month, its all about job vacancies. We have too many opportunities that we can't fill.

Do your mates a favour and pass these opportunities on. As an ex-veteran, I wish someone had shown me help like this when I left.

Job Vacancies

This month, we have some amazing job opportunities for ex or exiting veterans, from entry level to professional. Some of the list includes:

Field Service Technician - QLD

Field Staff Team Leader - Anywhere (FIFO)

Container Crew - Sydney West

Container Crew - Sydney South

Container Crew - Melbourne North

Container Crew - Melbourne East

Container Crew - Melbourne West

Detainee Service Officers - Melbourne

Detainee Service Officers - Sydney

Detainee Service Officers - Brisbane

Detainee Service Officers - Yongah Hill

Foreign Military Sales Support - Canberra

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Transition and Employment Help

Have you noticed? The RSL is changing. They now provide funding for hundreds of ex and exiting veterans and their partners Read More...

For Defence Spouses

Defence Spouses now get a better deal in gaining new employment at each new posting. Spread the word. Read More...

Coffee supporting Defence Transition

3Elements Coffee has been developed by an ADF veteran where sales go to support the ex-Defence Integration Team transition course ( to help veterans in their transition to civilian life. 3 Elements (Navy, Army, Air Force) Coffee have a variety of blends to suit your coffee taste. The beans are packaged in Sydney by people with disabilities. See more at

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