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Defence Transition Video Program

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Want a better job, a new job, or maybe just any job?

Invest a small amount of your valuable time to watch this Defence Transition Video Program and learn the secrets of promoting yourself better to employers, to become the candidate of choice.

This Defence-specific self-paced on-line video program covers every step required to successfully transition out of the military and into a civilian job.  Plus you get over 100 pages of templates, checklists and guidance to help you with written applications and job interview preparation.

This proven 10 Step Defence Transition Video Program has 22 separate videos that walk you through making the transition to civilian an easy process.  From CV/Resume building, Career Direction Assistance and Interview Practice. Expand each step below to see the video titles:

Step 1: Career Direction

VIDEO - What do I want to do when I grow up?

Step 3: Finding Jobs

VIDEO - Understanding Job Advertisements

VIDEO - Where are the jobs?

Step 5: The Employer's Perspective

VIDEO - What do Employer's want?

VIDEO - Why didn't I win that job?

Step 7: Interviewing for Success

VIDEO - Interview types

VIDEO - Dressing for success

VIDEO - Interview preparation = success

VIDEO - Interview question types

VIDEO - Promote yourself

VIDEO - The message of body language

VIDEO - It's your turn to ask questions

Step 9: Revealing Negatives

VIDEO - When and how to reveal a negative

VIDEO - I'm too old now

Step 2: Written Applications

VIDEO - CV/Résumé development

VIDEO - How to and how not to use your CV/Résumé

Step 4: Government Jobs

VIDEO - Public Service Applications

VIDEO - Differences between private and public service interviews

Step 6: The Military Factor

VIDEO - Wrong Cultural Fit = No Job

Step 8: Referees

VIDEO - Referees, your new best friends

Step 10: Negotiate the Offer

VIDEO - Job offer evaluation

VIDEO - Salary Negotiation

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Start the Defence transition video Program today for $149.00.

Money Back Guarantee - We guarantee this program will significantly improve the way you promote yourself to employers, or we'll refund your money in full.

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