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The Military Factor step of the job Accelerator Program includes the video "Wrong Cultural Fit = No Job", plus a comprehensive document with templates, checklists and further guidance.


Listen to the "Wrong Cultural Fit = No Job" video intro

Cultural fit means hiring someone that fits within an organisation’s existing culture.  The wrong cultural fit is like putting an Accountant into a Construction Worker’s role.  This is the area where winning a job has changed the most over the years.  Because most of what helps an employer decide to employ you is the cultural-fit aspect, not qualifications.

But most job seekers haven’t caught up with this yet.  And those that haven’t, continue to be frustrated by not quite winning jobs.  They have good skills and qualifications, but really struggle to win the job.

It’s no secret that someone with a military background has many good qualities.  But in some employers’ eyes, ex-military members also come with qualities that can disrupt a workplace.  And its this area where many ex-Defence members fall over at the job interview.

The language you have with your military mates should be looked at as your very own, special language that only other military people will understand.

You see the effect is like this, if you are part of a tight group of friends at work, and someone new is put into your team, but they only speak French, it will be very hard for you to all continue to behave like you did, because the dynamics of the group will now have changed considerably.  Some people may reject this person, some may take extra time out to get to know them, or help them understand English.  But one person can cause many issues.

The same applies when you continue to speak in military language to a civilian employer at the job interview. The employer just sees potential issues they have to overcome.  And at this point, that’s too much trouble to deal with.  Mainly because they don’t know how to deal with it.

The key is in knowing the right qualities to highlight, to use to your advantage and avoiding or mitigating the perceived negative aspects.

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