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The Employer's Perspective step of the job Accelerator Program has two videos (Why didn't I win that job? and What do employers want?), plus a comprehensive document with templates, checklists and further guidance.


Listen to the "Why didn't I win that job" video intro

Listen to the "What do employers want" video intro

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers can make is to think only about themselves and what they want.  Yes, it is important to know what you want, but success in the job seeking process is found in also understanding what the employer wants.  Think of it as a buyer – seller process, and that both the employer, and candidate are each buying and selling something.

The employer is buying a skill set, and also selling the benefits of working for them.  The candidate is obviously selling their skills and experience, but is also buying into being a part of that organisation.  So it’s easier to appreciate the entire process, knowing it’s a two-sided deal.  It’s not all about the candidate needing to sell themselves.  But that’s what most people think.  And if you approach it like you must sell yourself, then you’ll miss the mark.

When people don’t win their dream job, or any job for that matter, the first question they ask is “Why?”.  All job seekers want to know.  And it’s right that job seekers know why they didn’t succeed.  Getting answers to this question will greatly help improve your chances, for when the next opportunity knocks.  You should always seek feedback on each lost job application you send and each interview you attend.

Its how you get better each time you apply for a job.  Of course, if you send out 50 applications in one day, then its difficult to get feedback in enough time, to improve before correcting any mistakes. So how can you find out why you didn’t win the job?

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