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The Interviewing for Success step of the job Accelerator Program has seven videos , plus a comprehensive document with templates, checklists and further guidance and covers the most important elements that make up winning the job interview.  They include:


Listen to the "Interview Types" video intro

Interview Types - We explore the different types of job interviews that are commonly used by employers today, in both the public and private sectors.  We cover the 10 most common interview types currently being used by employers at the moment.

Listen to the "Dressing for Success" video intro

Dressing for Success - We all take less than one second to judge someone based on their appearance.  We may not be forming conscious decisions about our immediate perception, but everything we see is added together which gives us part of the complete picture of what that person is like.

Listen to the "Interview Preparation = Success" video intro

Interview Preparation - Common sense tells us that regardless of the circumstances, the better we prepare, the better we perform (especially under pressure).  Think of the job you’re doing right now, if you were only given basic training, and then asked to perform under the most stressful of conditions, how do you think you’d go?  It’s the same with interviews.  Yes, we can all talk, and we know things about us, but do you seriously expect to compete with others who have spent years honing the way they promote themselves to employers?

Listen to the "Interview Question Types" video intro

Interview Question Types - There are many different types of interview questions.  We cover the most common three in detail - Typical, Situational and Behavioural questions.

Listen to the "Promote Yourself" video intro

Promoting Yourself - If there is one thing we aren’t very good at, its promoting ourselves.  I don't mean you need to get out there and start “selling” yourself.  You need to still be you, and speak the way you normally do, but using the words the employer wants to hear, that is the key.  We look at what is most interesting to the employer and how you use this to your advantage.

Listen to the "The Message of Body Language" video intro

The Message of Body Language - Employers are highly attuned to looking for congruency and consistency in the messages of what job seekers say, and also in the body language that accompanies what has just been said.  For an employer to be fully confident about hiring you, they need absolute assurance that you are the genuine article, when it comes to how you not only “perform” at the job interview, but also how you will then perform on the job.

Listen to the "It's your turn to ask questions" video intro

Its Your Turn to Ask Questions - At the end of a job interview you usually get the opportunity to ask questions of your own.  If you don’t have any questions to ask, then the message it potentially sends to the employer is that you’re not really that interested in this job.  And that you must be just going through the motions, and getting the numbers up for your Centrelink payment.  Is that the message you want to send them?  The questions you ask, and the order you ask them will tell the employer where your highest motivation for this job is.

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