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There are two videos in this Negotiate the Offer Step (Job Offer Evaluation, and Salary Negotiation), plus a comprehensive document with templates, checklists and further guidance.


Listen to the "Job Offer Evaluation" video intro

Listen to the "Salary Negotiation" video intro

Apart from those who have a job that makes them leap out of bed, because they’re off doing something for the greater good of humanity, we all work for money.  And employers know that if they want skilled workers, it comes at a price.  And in almost every case, the price is negotiable.  But remember, you typically only get one chance to negotiate your salary.  Get it right and you’ll potentially make yourself thousands of dollars extra before you start.  Get it wrong, and you’ll either lose the job, or start at a level far below what you could have.

Accepting a job, simply because it is offered to you, can actually put you in a worse place than you were before.  There is nothing worse than being in a job you don’t like and or not being properly compensated for it.  But I’m sure we all know many people that are in jobs like that.  They are stuck, because they needed a job, and this was the only one that was offered to them - but they are miserable.

On the other hand, you may be exceptional at interviewing and receive multiple job offers and need to evaluate them, to determine which one you’ll be happiest with.  Note, I said be happiest with - not see which one pays the most.  The happiest people in the workforce are those who really enjoy their job, not those who earn the most money.  So its best to find the right balance between the pay, the job conditions and the work life balance.

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