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This Step has the video Referees - your new best friends, plus a comprehensive document with templates, checklists and further guidance.


Listen to the "Referees - your new best friends" video intro

Referees are one of the most important elements in the entire job seeking process, but are often overlooked when it comes to a job seeker’s preparation.  Countless times I’ve contacted a referee as part of our background checking process, only to find out that they weren’t aware they had been listed as someone’s referee.

They were then caught off guard and in most cases never put any time or effort into speaking positively about the person they were a referee for.  This stage can win or lose you the job.

Typically, your Referees are contacted after the employer has met with you, and it is the final piece in the recruitment process.  However, I do know of employers who will contact a referee before inviting the candidate in for an interview.

We all know that telling someone how good you are, isn’t anywhere near as strong as having someone else saying how good you are.  Third party endorsement can go a long way in the decision making process.  In the video, we explore ways on having them work in your favour.

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