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Leaving Defence?

The 4 Critical Steps to transition success

Defence transition made easy - changing jobs after your Defence career shouldn't be too hard, right?  Why then do so many people struggle to find employment, or take a low paying job, just to pay the bills?  It doesn't have to be this way.

Take advantage of lessons the Trans-Civ team has learned, through our own Defence transition journeys into the Public and Commercial sectors.  Use our post-Defence commercial experiences as Business owners, Managers, HR Managers, Recruiters and Contractors to help you achieve your transition success.

Click on any of the steps below to get the assistance you need.

Only ex-military people understand the Defence transition process.  With 12 years' experience as Australia’s most successful Defence transition provider, we share the essential elements in making a successful transition to a new civilian job.  Click the Defence transition Video Program button above or the individual areas applicable to you and fast-track securing your next job!

See what other people say about our Defence transition program below.

The Interview Practice and CV preparation by Trans-Civ was outstanding and greatly assisted me in securing an Off-shore job in the Oil and Gas Industry. Dave Piercy

Provided over 70 ex-Defence members to join Telstra Communication Technicians teams in Brisbane, Canberra and over 50 rural places across Australia Telstra Communication Technicians

I thought with a Masters in IT, plus Diplomas, I’d get an interview easy. 30 applications later and not one interview. Trans-Civ then helped write my CV and gave me interview training. 2 applications, 2 interviews and I now love the job I’m in. Jeff Manaley

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